SwissOptic 3D measurement system

Spherical Optics. Highest Image and Beam Qualities.

We produce spherical optics for your demanding applications in imaging and multispectral systems (e. g. digital aerial cameras) as well as in laser-based technologies (e. g. femtosecond lasers, high-energy lasers, 193 nm optics).


Materials Optic glass, quartz, filter glass, glass ceramics, special materials
Dimensions ∅10 to 350 mm
Radii 5 mm to ∞
Shape defects 1/100 PVr @ 546 nm
10“ according to ISO 10110 or TIR +/-0.001 mm
Roughness 0.2 nm RMS
Center thickness +/-3 μm
Diameter +/-3 μm
Surface error 5/1 x 0.016 according to ISO 10110
Geometry As desired, according to requirements
Laser damage threshold 20 J/cm2


Metrology / QS

  • Interferometry incl. radii measurement techniques
  • White light interferometry
  • High-precise, no-touch and touch measurement techniques for diameter, center thickness and roundness
  • 3D coordinate measuring techniques (tactile & optical)
  • Various microscopy technologies


  • Complete in-house production (preparation of raw material > coating/lacquering)
  • Flexible and controlled production technologies
  • High-precise lenses (λ/100 PV; λ/500 RMS), manufactured using deterministic processes
  • Lenses for various laser applications (special polishing techniques)
  • Lenses with highest demands with respect to surface defects and quality
  • Cost-efficient production even for small batch sizes
Various spherical lenses

Various spherical lenses

Lens centering

Lens centering

Formed lenses

We possess

  • Expertise in lens production and the ability to produce and test any desired external geometries up to a repeatability accuracy of 3 µm
  • Measurement techniques and equipment integrated into the process in order to create positional tolerances (e. g. optics to mechanics) of up to 3 µm of displacement and 10 sec of tilting
Formed lens

Formed lens

Lens segment

Lens segment

Cemented elements

  • Production of ambitious cemented lenses
  • Alignment under collimators, autocollimators or directly under the interferometer with simultaneous control of the wavefront transmitted
  • Option of free design, even when cemented and in terms of the optical functional surfaces

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