High-precision laserbased metrology

Metrology. Optical Systems for Laser-Based Measurements.

SwissOptic AG manufactures optical systems for innovative, laser-based measurement techniques that can be used to precisely determine both angle and dimension as well as 3D coordinates.

As a reliable development and manufacturing partner for serial products within the measurement industry, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the systems employed in this segment. We manufacture and assemble all opto-mechanical submodules for the corresponding system and conduct measurement and functional tests.

With our lenses for aerial cameras, opto-mechanical modules for laser trackers, transceivers for 3D measurement systems or internal triple reflectors, we provide an essential contribution to our customers with respect to absolutely precise measurement.

From concept to model, from prototype to volume production - we offer you the entire value chain from a single source.

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Our reliable optic modules result in highly precise measurement systems, even under difficult conditions and over extreme distances.

SwissOptic provides measurement reflectors of the highest accuracy for various measurement applications. We guarantee a faultless alignment of the high-precision prisms and reflectors with the respective mechanical systems. Running optimizations of the modules produced are built upon innovative testing techniques.

Close links to the SwissOptic location in Wuhan (China) enable us to manufacture high-precision optic modules and components in a cost-effective manner.

Areas of application:

  • Theodolite & tachymeter systems
  • Total stations
  • Reflectors

Measurement reflectors for various applications

Rot Ring Reflektoren für Messanwendungen

Red ring reflectors for measuring applications


We have many years of expertise in designing entire systems and conduct the manufacturing, installation and alignment processes of the individual high-precision lenses and lens systems in-house.

With measurement methods such as wavefront and image quality measurement (MTF), we guarantee:

  • The highest accuracy
  • Assembly repeatability
  • Reliable quality over the entire production chain

Areas of application:

  • Airborne camera systems
  • Scanning systems
  • LiDAR
Objektiv für Luftbildkameras

Lens for aerial cameras

Beam splitter for airborne cameras for the fragmentation of colors and angles

Beam splitter used in aerial camera for the fragmentation of colors and angles

Industrial Measure­ment

Our reliable optic components are also employed in industrial measurement system and result in measurement systems of the highest accuracy. SwissOptic manufactures high-precision laser-based systems, lenses and optic components for use in a number of meansurement applications. As an OEM supplier, we support our customers from concept design to development, from prototype creation to series production.

Areas of application:

  • Laser & absolute trackers
  • 3D scanner systems
  • Sensor systems
Kamerasysteme zur industriellen Vermessung

Camera system for measurement purposes

Industrial Measure­ment Techno­logies

Interferometer lenses from SwissOptic are used by our partner Mahr GmbH in the novel “MarSurf TWI 60” tilted wave interferometer (TWI) in order to quickly and flexibly measure aspheres and free-form surfaces.

Key characteristics of the 4” interferometer lens with f/0.74 include:

  • Operational wavelength of 532 nm
  • Input aperture of 4“ = 101.6 mm
  • F-number of f/0.74
  • Can be used both along axes and at field angles of up to ±7.5°.
  • Calibrating the entire interferometer system requires good wavefront quality with a low mid-frequency share of errors.

Areas of application:

  • Interferometer lens systems
  • Reference surfaces
  • Transmission flats
  • Aspherical lenses
4" Interferometer lense for the Tilted Wave Interferometer “MarSurf TWI 60”

4" Interferometer lense for the Tilted Wave Interferometer “MarSurf TWI 60”

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