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Aspheres & Freeform Optics. High Image Quality and Weight Reduction.

We develop and produce customer-specific aspherical lenses and freeform surfaces in small batches.

Aspheres are used in many optical systems since they provide precise light guidance as well as better performance with less optical elements. This allows for compact designs with less losses and lower weights, which is especially important for mobile devices.

We offer concave or convex aspheres with diameters of 12 to 350 mm with the highest accuracies and in various materials.



Materials Optical glass, quartz glass, Zerodur®, crystalline materials, metals



Dimensions and Forms

Diameter (± tolerance) 12–350 mm (±0.03)
Center thick­ness tolerance ±0.01 mm
Free aperture up to 100 % of ∅
Local radius of curva­ture concave > 10 mm
Departure from best-fit-sphere up to a few milli­meters



Surface Form Error

Sagitta deviation (SAG, "Power") ±0.3 µm
Irregu­larity (IRR, "PV") 0.1 µm
Rotat­ional invariant irregu­larity (RSI) 0.05 µm
RMS irregu­larity (RMSi) 0.02 µm
Slope error, 1 mm integration length 0.06 mrad




Edge thick­ness differ­ence 3 µm
Decenter asphere to edge 3 µm




Surface roughness Rq 1 nm
Surface imper­fection tole­rances 3 x 0.063 (ISO 10110-7) 20–10 (acc. to MIL–Scratch/Dig)
Coatings (UV, DUV, VIS, NIR, IR) AR, BBAR, HR mirrors, customer-specific coating designs



Measurement Technique

Surface form error inter­fero­metric

Zygo Verifire Asphere, CGH Techno­logies,
Tilted-wave inter­ferometer

Surface form error tactile MarSurf LD 260 Aspheric, Form Talysurf PGI 1000
Surface roughness Zygo NewView 700 white light inter­ferometer



In addition we have extensive finishing competence with regard to the production of high-precise freeform surfaces. Freeforms can be produced deterministically from planar and spherical areas with a deviation of up to 100 um from the best-fit area. The surface accuracy that can be achieved and measurability will be determined for each solution.

We would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you.

Inno­vative measure­ment tech­niques

Manufacturing high-precise aspheres is closely related to nanometer-exact characterization of the surfaces processed. We measure the entire surface of the aspheres produced and use, depending on the application, the Verifire Asphere asphere interferometer, in-house designated computer-generated holograms or a newly developed tilted-wave interferometer in order to do so.

Aspherical fine correction

Correction of aspherical components

Speed and flexi­bility

We flexibly adapt to your individual requests, have a very fast development process and employ proprietary correction methods.

The multi-step process chain we have developed to manufacture aspherical optics is made of different milling processes as well as computer-controlled polishing processes. This process chain can be adapted as needed. This allows us to fulfill your individual requirements quickly and flexibly.

Grinding of aspheres

Processing aspherical components

Complete in-house proces­sing chain

With us you get everything from a single source. We reproduce the entire processing chain in-house – the development, production, coating up to quality assurance and lens qualification. You profit from a high flexibility. Thus, your specific requirements can be fulfilled flexibly and rapidly.

Light-weight structures

  • Light-weight precision optics and components with the most modern CNC-controlled processing procedures
  • Dimensional accuracy in the small nm range (despite lower wall thicknesses)
  • After shaping: Stress-free etching of components in order to guarantee their long-term stability
5-Achsen Schleifbearbeitungszentrum

5-axis grinding center

Asphärischer Spiegel mit Leichtgewichtsstruktur

Aspherical mirror with light-weight structure

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